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    Google Cuts Its Giant Electricity Bill With DeepMind-Powered AI
    The internet giant is using technology from the DeepMind artificial intelligence subsidiary for big savings on the power consumed by its data centers, according to DeepMind Co-Founder Demis Hassabis.

    DialogTech launches machine learning to automatically categorize phone calls
    Today, the Chicago-based company is adding Dialog Analytics to its Conversation Insights call attribution platform. It says this machine learning-based analysis is the first use of that technology outside of call centers to automatically categorize calls.

    AI, augmented reality and the future of gaming - Guardian live event
    At a Guardian Live event, games editor Keith Stuart asks a panel of designers and programmers what the advances in artificial intelligence mean for games and the people who play them?

    Bioz, Using Machine Learning to Optimize Biology, Launches With $3M
    A company launched today in Palo Alto, CA, that has plans to build a "life science search engine" that may be able to speed up the process of drug discovery and life sciences research. Called Bioz, the startup closed $3 million in seed funding from 5AM Ventures to begin offering its software-as-a-service system.

    Microsoft and Boeing team up to streamline aviation through big data and AI
    Cortana is set to fly the friendly skies thanks to a new partnership between Microsoft and Boeing, bring the Microsoft intelligent assistant closer still to the domain of its namesake. Microsoft and Boeing announced a partnership today to move Boeing's suite of digital aviation offerings over to Azure.

    Fujitsu begins field trial for AI-based train delay prediction
    Fujitsu Limited today announced that it has collaborated with Jorudan Co., Ltd. to add a train delay time prediction function, using AI machine learning technology, to Jorudan's Norikae Annai, a service that provides public transportation route-planning information.

    AI and machine learning on social media data is giving hedge funds a competitive edge
    Extracting value from a universe of data, analysing sentiment around company names (equities) or about anything else (macro), is a complex journey and we are only about 5% down that road.

    How deep learning is advancing video analytics
    Deep learning and artificial intelligence are the next big things for intelligent video applications, making it easier to process and analyse vast streams of footage

    London-based IntelligentX is the world's first firm to brew beer with the help of artificial intelligence. The startup is using an algorithm called Automated Brewing Intelligence (ABI) to collect customer feedback data through a Facebook Messenger bot in order to improve the recipes of its beer.

    A.I. Avatars Invited to Play Minecraft Game
    Project Malmo from Microsoft wants to test how artificial intelligence will navigate the fictional environment of Minecraft. believes an automated assistant is the fix for a weighty workload wants to give managers and others in enterprise a gift that has a very high value in business: Time. Company founder Roy Pereira told me at Montreal Startupfest that while tools are making us more productive, we're also expected to handle more, and that's causing a growing problem his startup hopes to address with AI.

    Elon Musk Says DARPA A.I. Hacking Challenge Will Lead to Skynet
    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency recently announced the Cyber Grand Challenge, a seven-team, $3.75 million-prize-pool hacking tournament that concludes in Las Vegas this August.

    How IoT and machine learning can make our roads safer
    The transportation industry is associated with high maintenance costs, disasters, accidents, injuries and loss of life. Hundreds of thousands of people across the world are losing their lives to car accidents and road disasters every year.

    Exploring Facebook's massive, picture-painting AI brain
    Inside a 350,000-square-foot building in the hills of Prineville, OR, slotted inside a nondescript server rack, is one of Facebook's most valuable artificial intelligence tools. It's called Big Sur, and it's a hardware system for training software to improve itself over time.

    FiveAI picks up $2.7M to build AI-driven software for autonomous vehicles
    he young company wants to apply the latest developments in computer vision and AI/machine learning to enable self-driving cars to do more of the heavy-lifting in regards to understanding and navigating their immediate environment.

    Robots shoot, score, advance AI then fall over at the robot world cup 2016
    This is RoboCup! This annual gathering sees robotics experts from all over the planet fielding teams of battling soccerbots in a bid for robot football supremacy.

    Conquering More Than Games: The Next Level of AI
    Future historians of technology may look back at one week this March as a tipping point of a new era, and it all started with smooth black-and-white stones on a simple wooden board.

    Exclusive: Why Microsoft is betting its future on AI
    Microsoft is proud of its work on AI, and eager to convey the sense that this time around, it's poised to win. In June, it invited me to its campus to interview some of Nadella's top lieutenants, who are building AI into every corner of the company's business. Over the next two days, Microsoft showed me a wide range of applications for its advancements in natural language processing and machine learning.

    Key trends in machine learning and AI
    You can hardly talk to a technology executive or developer today without talking about artificial intelligence, machine learning or bots.

    The AI that (almost) lets you speak to the dead
    It's odd holding a minute's silence for a dead person who you never knew anything about, especially at a tech show where you can see messages from their AI reincarnation flashing up on a massive screen behind the very-much-alive man who has made this whole strange scene possible. Is this what a 21st-century Dr Frankenstein looks like?

    Google buys machine learning startup Moodstocks to help your phone's camera identify objects
    Google announced today that it has acquired Paris-based Moodstocks, a startup that has developed machine learning technology to bolster the image recognition features on smartphones.

    Facebook Is Reading Children's Stories To Its AI
    A new video posted today explains how Facebook's research team intends to expand on its software's intuitive artificial intelligence.

    The sci-fi dream of owning your own home robot isn't just a possibility anymore-it's an eventuality. The first wave of home robots is already upon us with the Amazon Echo, and the coming Google Home.

    Google's DeepMind to use AI in diagnosing eye disease
    Google plans to use more than one million anonymized eye scans to teach computers how to diagnose ocular disease.

    Meet The AI Team Powering Facebook's Language Tech Efforts
    The social media giant is late to the AI game, but its roughly 50-person "Language Tech Group" has big plans to revolutionize the way we use Facebook and protect its ranking as the world's most powerful social network.

    Panasonic India to develop artificial intelligence tech for smartphones; plans strategic acquisitions
    Panasonic India is scouting for companies to acquire in 6-9 months to develop artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning technologies, which it wants to integrate with its future smartphones to differentiate from rival vendors in the crowded yet fast growing market.

    Udacity turns 5: Sebastian Thrun talks A.I. and plans for a nanodegree in self-driving cars
    Massive open online courses (MOOCs) - distance-learning courses open to an unlimited number of people on the web - are estimated to become an $8.5 billion industry by 2020, up from almost $2 billion last year.

    How real is the Artificial Intelligence startup wave?
    While running a digital marketing agency, Neerav Parekh regularly updated his clients on their campaign performance with reports and charts that were carefully put together.

    Sony chief Hirai places faith in artificial intelligence
    A decade after pulling the plug on its humanoid and doggy robots, Qrio and Aibo, Sony is making a new bet on intelligent machines in an effort to reboot its once-iconic consumer electronics.

    10 Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Manufacturing
    Every manufacturer has the potential to integrate machine learning into their operations and become more competitive by gaining predictive insights into production.

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