Acquisitions in Artificial Intelligence

List of Artificial Intelligence startups which got acquired by big tech firms

Apple acquires another machine learning company: Tuplejump
Apple is on a machine learning company buying spree. After buying Perceptio at the end of 2015 and Turi just a few months ago, Apple has now acquired an India/US-based machine learning team, Tuplejump. - 2016-09-22, a company that builds chat bots, acqui-hired by Amazon
It looks like Google, which yesterday acquired, a company that helps developers build conversational interfaces, isn't the only major tech company hoovering up chat bot talent. - 2016-09-20

Etsy buys Blackbird Technologies to bring AI to its search
Today, the popular handmade-goods site Etsy announced it has acquired a startup called Blackbird Technologies, which developed algorithms for natural language processing, image recognition and analytics - 2016-09-20

API.AI is joining Google!
It has been a long and fun journey. Since API.AI's launch in 2014, we've been constantly impressed by the fast and energetic adoption of the technology from people building conversational interfaces for chatbots, connected cars, smart home devices, mobile applications, wearables, services, robots and more. - 2016-09-19

Webroot snaps up machine learning analytics firm CyberFlow
Webroot has announced the acquisition of CyberFlow Analytics, a firm which specializes in harnessing machine learning technology to automatically detect cybersecurity threats. - 2016-09-19

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