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    Deep learning tool lets you pick your pastiche
    The latest work from Google Brain, however, makes style transfer almost trivial to compute, making it possible not just to apply in real time to video, but to mix different styles together. - 2016-10-27

    AI Pioneer Yoshua Bengio Is Launching Element AI, a Deep-Learning Incubator
    The incubator, Element AI, will help build companies from AI research that emerges from the University of Montreal, where Bengio is a professor, and nearby McGill University - 2016-10-26

    Microsoft adds Python to deep learning toolkit
    Microsoft is adding Python language support to its open source deep learning toolkit for developers. The kit, formerly known as Computational Network Toolkit (CNTK) and now called Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, goes into a beta release today and features reinforcement learning for neural networking. - 2016-10-25

    Bank of America launches AI chatbot Erica - here's what it does
    If you're not great at managing your finances, Bank of America's new chatbot is there to help. - 2016-10-24

    MIT is using AI to create pure horror
    A series of algorithms dubbed the Nightmare Machine is an effort to find the root of horror by generating ghoulish faces, and then relying on user feedback to see which approach makes the freakiest images. - 2016-10-24

    AI program able to predict human rights trials with 79 percent accuracy
    The program was trained on data from nearly 600 cases brought before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), and was able to predict the court's final judgement with 79 percent accuracy. Its creators say it could be useful in identifying common patterns in court cases, but stress that they do not believe AI will be able to replace human judgement. - 2016-10-24

    Election 2016: Tracking Emotions with R and Python
    Temperament has been a key issue in the 2016 presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and an issue highlighted in the series of three debates that concluded this week. Quantifying "temperament" isn't an easy task, but The Economist used the Microsoft Emotion API to chart the anger, contempt, sadness and surprised expressed in the faces of the candidates during key sequences of the debates. - 2016-10-21

    Tech Tent - ransomware, election bots and AI
    On this week's Tech Tent - your weekly status update on the technology business - we have three stories reflecting our current anxieties about the nature of our digital world. - 2016-10-21

    How data and machine learning are 'part of Uber's DNA'
    TechRepublic talked to Uber's head of machine learning about what the ride-sharing giant has learned from seven years of collecting and using 'smart' data. - 2016-10-21

    Yahoo is machine learning the difference between a dirty and a not dirty picture
    THE DEEP LEARNING people at Yahoo have set themselves and their supercomputers the task of looking at potentially rude pictures and giving them a 'NSFW' or 'OK for grandma' stamp. - 2016-10-21

    Stripe launches Radar to tackle e-commerce fraud with machine learning
    Stripe, the startup that lets websites and mobile apps implement payment services through its API and a few lines of code, is today adding in another new feature as it continues to build out its platform with more tools. It is now going to help prevent fraud on Stripe transactions, through a new service called Radar. - 2016-10-20

    Glassdoor uses machine learning to tell users if they're being paid fairly
    After collecting user-submitted data on salaries for eight years, Glassdoor is taking the next step to push for workplace transparency -- and ultimately to help close the wage gap. - 2016-10-19

    7 Ways to Introduce AI into Your Organization
    There are so many different types of AI, each requiring some technical knowledge to fully grasp, that newcomers to the field often have difficulty figuring out how to jump in. - 2016-10-19

    Internal expense fraud is next on machine learning's list
    It's great that companies like Sift Science, which recently received $30 million in funding, plan to use machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict and prevent fraud everywhere online - especially with reports suggesting card issuers and banks could be saving $12 billion annually with the help of machine learning fraud-detection systems. - 2016-10-19

    Israeli AI startup raises $6.3m
    The Tel Aviv company combines AI, data analytics, and natural language processing to unite sales conversations into a single dashboard and help close deals. - 2016-10-19

    How A.I. will be fully integrated into our lives in the near future
    Chatbots are helping A.I. become publicly accessible and accepted. Even with all the technological advances we have seen over the past few years, there is still a fairly large disconnect between technology and the general public and businesses, particularly in the case of A.I. - 2016-10-19

    Freshdesk makes sixth acquisition to build enterprise AI chatbots
    Customer engagement software provider Freshdesk has acquired social chat platform Chatimity to strengthen its AI chatbot capabilities. - 2016-10-19

    Microsoft's AI can now understand speech better than humans
    According to new research from Microsoft, its AI technology can recognize speech with roughly the same error rate as a professional human transcriptionist. - 2016-10-19

    Tech TalkAt WorkTech Careers Computer Vision Leader Fei-Fei Li on Why AI Needs Diversity
    Stanford computer science professor Fei-Fei Li makes the case for an emphasis on ethnic and gender diversity in artificial intelligence - 2016-10-19

    These AI Traffic Lights Could Shorten Your Commute
    Pittsburgh is installing traffic lights controlled by artificial intelligence, and they could be coming to your city soon. - 2016-10-19

    AI experts weigh in on the White House approach to artificial intelligence
    Last week, President Obama began a national conversation around AI. Experts are impressed, but reinforce the need for clarity around safety when it comes to artificial general intelligence. - 2016-10-19

    Taiwanese AI and deep learning platform Viscovery bags $10M funding for R&D and expansion
    Viscovery's deep learning and AI solution analyses video content to optimise effectiveness of contextual ad delivery - 2016-10-18

    Freshdesk acquires Bengaluru-based Chatimity to scale chat infrastructure
    One of the largest SaaS-based startups from India, Freshdesk, today announced the acquisition of Chatimity, a social chat platform, that developed artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbot technology. - 2016-10-18

    The Natural Side of A.I.
    IBM CEO Ginni Rometty on the biggest misconception about intelligent machines - 2016-10-18

    Health IT experts discuss how they're using NLP in healthcare
    Some experts believe the use of NLP in healthcare is and will continue to be necessary. Two health IT experts discuss how they are currently using this technology in their healthcare organizations. - 2016-10-18

    Linguamatics and Sinequa Join Forces to Deliver Deeper Insights in Life Sciences
    Linguamatics, a world leader in NLP Text Mining, and Sinequa, a leader in Cognitive Search and Analytics, today announced a partnership based on a tight integration between I2E and Sinequa ES. - 2016-10-18

    Apple has hired a big brain in AI to make Siri less dumb
    Carnegie Mellon researcher Russ Salakhutdinov will remain a professor in addition to his work at Apple. - 2016-10-17

    Robert Downey Jr volunteers to voice Mark Zuckerberg's AI Jarvis
    Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr has nominated himself to voice Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's artificial intelligence, Jarvis. - 2016-10-15

    Anki's Cozmo robot is the new, adorable face of artificial intelligence
    The palm-sized robot, from San Francisco-based company Anki, is both a harmless toy and a bold refutation of that uneasy relationship so loved by film and television. The $180 bot, which starts shipping on October 16th, is powered by AI, and the end result is a WALL-E-inspired personality more akin to a clever pet than a do-everything personal assistant - 2016-10-14

    The AI disruption wave
    Information technology evolves through disruption waves. First the computer, then the web and eventually social networks and smartphones all had the power to revolutionize how people live and how businesses operate. - 2016-10-14

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