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Can AI truly be creative? Can machines come up with creative solutions that humans would find difficult? Can we use machine learning to create compelling art and music? Creativity is arguably the most difficult human faculty to automate, in this article I will cover about latest research going on to create creative AI.

A new multidisciplinary research field Computational Creativity puts together philosophy, artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology and art in order to try and understand how exactly the creative process works. The next era of artificial intelligence is about developing biology-inspired machines that can evolve, self-model, self-reflect and can generate new ideas.

Creative Machines Lab is working on building robots that do what you'd least expect robots to do: Self replicate, self-reflect, ask questions, and even be creative.

Google AI machines are being given romance novels to read, because the company wants to teach the neural networks more conversational language skills.

Google's DeepDream can detects faces and patterns in images, enhances them via AI algorithms and finally produces spectacular dreams which blur the border between art, emotions and computers.

Magenta, an open source project by google, is launched to figure out if AI systems can be trained to create original pieces of music, art, or video.

Song Composed by Google Brain machine

Google AI generating music on a digital synth at Moogfest

Microsoft Uses Machine Learning To Construct The Perfect Sky

Deep-learning neural network creates its own interpretive dance

There are more questions than answers about Computational Creativity. What does it mean for a computer to be creative? Can you judge whether a computer is being creative? Where do you draw the line between random creativity and something that's considered what humans would think of as creative? If you look at the computer chess bot's game, you'll see plenty of creative moves, moves you'd call creative if you saw them made by a human player. The answers to these can vary from person to person.

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